Market Research for Insights on Products, Consumers, Channels, Industry & Competitors.

Channelplay provides customized Primary Market Research services to help businesses find insights that matter. Our experts understand your needs and design custom research surveys, our experienced field researchers collect high quality data using mobile technology, and we use cutting edge data analysis and visualization tools to bring out insights and present them so they can help your business.

Consumer & Product Research

It is important for all consumer-driven companies to have visibility into what, when, where, why & how much their consumers buy, how they search for information, their purchase considerations, top brands in their consideration set and buying channels they choose.

Our consumer and product insights enable companies to align their marketing mix with the consumer behavior.

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Channel & Trade Research

Product success depends a lot on the enthusiastic participation of channel partners in distributing and selling your product, and their enthusiasm depends a lot on the quality of your value proposition.

Our Channel & Trade Research services help you understand the state of the channel so you can design your processes and incentives to create a highly supportive trade ecosystem.

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Go To Market Strategy Research

Looking for a research based GTM Strategy? We can help.

Use our GTM Strategy Research services to study consumer behaviour, identify product gaps, size markets, understand channels and come up with the perfect mix of Product, Price, Place & Promotion (the 4Ps) to ensure a successful product launch.

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Case Studies

Why We're The Leading Market Research Company in India.

Rooted in Shopper Marketing

Some of the world's most successful companies rely on us to execute their shopper marketing initiatives. We leverage that experience to design and execute better market research programs.

Best-in-Industry Technology

Our cutting edge technology platform ensures that researchers that are right for a project are deployed, that information collection is reliable and real-time, and that analytics are rich and insightful.

Coverage Across India

We currently deliver over 20 market research projects covering over 300 cities every month using our network of highly trained researchers who interact with customers, channel partners and other stakeholders to collect highly reliable information.

Focus on Quality

We use rigorous researcher selection processes, train and certify them on every project before they start work, and verify each response received for accuracy and insightfulness before reporting to clients.