Retail Research, Distributor Satisfaction Survey & B2B Research

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While you would have developed a high quality product but it is integral to have insights on the supply side of business before placing the product in the market. Channel research entails Retailer surveys and Distributor satisfaction surveys. Your product's success depends a lot on the enthusiastic participation of channel partners in distributing and selling your product, and their enthusiasm depends a lot on the quality of your value proposition.

Our Channel & Trade Research services help you understand the state of the channel so you can design your processes and incentives to create a highly supportive trade ecosystem.

Retailer & Distributor Research

Whether you are planning to introduce a new product/category in an existing market or entering a new market, it is sacrosanct to understand how competition is operating and what consumers prefer and expect. It is important to know the rules of the game before starting to play. Retailer surveys can help you gauge shelf share & market share of brands, most selling products, variants & pack sizes, drivers of purchase, magic price points, supply chain & trade terms, and market gaps & consumer expectations at the grass root-level.

Channel Partner Satisfaction

As an extended arm of any business, it’s imperative that your channel partners resonate your business’s value propositions. Their satisfaction level with your policies will make them stick with you versus the competition and will have a direct impact on your operating channel margins. You have done your bit towards maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with them, now is the time to measure the efficacy of your efforts. Through our Trade Satisfaction Research we measure your channel partner’s opinion about your organizational policies, incentive system, communication, conflict resolution mechanism and much more while analyzing how you may enhance their motivation levels.

Competition Research

In this era of stringent competition, it becomes crucial to benchmark products, services and processes to identify improvement areas and adopt best practices in order to emerge as the market leader. Channelplay conducts Product & Process Benchmarking Audits for various e-commerce businesses across multiple categories. Both product/service as well as end-to-end processes from order placement to delivery, exchange, return and refund are benchmarked against selected competitors.