Retail Research, Distributor Satisfaction Survey & B2B Research

Retail Research

Retail Research, Distributor Satisfaction Survey & B2B Research

While you would have developed a high quality product but it is integral to have insights on the supply side of business before placing the product in the market. Channel research entails Retail research and Distributor satisfaction surveys. Your product's success depends a lot on the enthusiastic participation of channel partners in distributing and selling your product, and their enthusiasm depends a lot on the quality of your value proposition.

Our Channel & Trade Research services help you understand the state of the channel so you can design your processes and incentives to create a highly supportive trade ecosystem.

Service Bouquet in Channel Research


Identifying market potential, products, variants, brands, price ranges, pack types & sizes which sell most, trade terms with manufacturers, market gaps & consumer expectations


Identifying satisfaction levels with company policies in terms of Merchandising, Ordering & Logistics, Product Delivery, Payment terms & ease, Training, Care & Concern, Complaint Resolution & Market support


Identifying demand size & potential, buying considerations, product & price preferences, terms of trade, usage & satisfaction, market gaps & expectations from B2B consumers

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