Consumer Research & Product Testing Services

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It is important for all consumer-driven companies to have visibility into what, when, where, why & how much their consumers buy, how they search for information, their purchase considerations, top brands in their consideration set and buying channels they choose.

Our consumer and product insights enable companies to align their marketing mix with the consumer behavior.

Consumer Behaviour Research

Consumer Behaviour Research studies the following aspects:

Consumption Behavior: What are the consumption patterns of consumers within a product category and what are their price and feature preferences?

Buying Decision Process: What are the factors who influence a customer's buying decision in a product category? How strong is Brand Loyalty in this segment?

Shopping Behaviour: What are the preferred channels of shopping in this product category? What role do Below the Line factors play in influencing a customer's buying decision.

Segmentation Ta PositioningWith over 1.25 billion consumers spread across various socio-economic classes, its extremely challenging to pick and serve your target market. We help you identify meaningfully different groups of consumers, develop measures of segment attractiveness and then choose the most feasible segments to serve. Moreover, we identify the needs of these target segments and help you take up the most appropriate position/appeal to target them.

Customer Satisfaction

Research has shown that the most dissatisfied customers do not complain. Even more shocking is that they will simply never buy your product/service again – meaning you never get the chance to find out what went wrong. Hence its extremely important to gauge the opinion of dissatisfied customers so that we don’t lose them as well as satisfied customers so that we can turn their satisfaction into delight and can reap more business in return. Channelplay’s Client Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) helps your product/service keep up with your clients’ objectives, expectations and deadlines as all become critical aspects of sustaining a valuable client relationship.

Product ResearchSucceeding in today’s market requires more than just keeping pace with what competition is doing. It’s about continuous innovation either in terms of a new product or market development. So whether you are launching a new product or entering a new market or catering to a new consumer segment, our Product Testing Services help you put the best foot forward.