Go To Market Strategy Consulting & Retail Location Analysis

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Looking for a research based GTM Strategy? We can help.

Use our GTM Strategy Research services to size markets, study consumer behaviour, competition intensity, understand channels and come up with the perfect mix of Product, Price, Place, Promotion and beyond to ensure a successful product launch.

GTM Strategy
  • Market Attractiveness – Micro & macro environment scanning, barriers to entry and exit, market sizing, supply & demand dynamics, existence of substitutes, growth drivers & challenges.
  • 4P’s Research - Market landscape and dynamics, products, range, pricing, availability, supply chain & trade terms.
  • Consumer Insights - Customer needs, consumption patterns, buying behavior, brand awareness & preference.

Retail Location Profiling-1Retail Location Analysis involves research on 3C's:

  • Catchment: Area profiling, Population density, Transportation connectivity, Retail segments in vicinity
  • Competition: Presence of direct as well as indirect competition, Competition store footfalls, turnover, business growth
  • Consumer: Demographics, Consumption profile, Shopping behavior, Brand awareness and preference