Retail Audits

A lot of money is spent building beautiful stores, restaurants and branches. Brands who have franchise partners and retail networks invest in fixtures, furniture & signage; demo products and branded displays.

All this expense can not only go to waste, but can be counterproductive if your locations and infrastructure are not well maintained. Our retail audit service ensures that doesn't happen.

Comprehensive Store Audit

Running an efficient store that delivers not only great customer experience, but also performs favorably on parameters such as stock turns, availability, shrinkage, operational expenses etc. depends on exercising strong control over hundreds of important aspects. Organizations do this by defining design guidelines and processes and procedures for everything from staff uniforms to stocking norms.

Channelplay's comprehensive store audit is a detailed audit where we measure compliance to all the guidelines defined by an organization. We study your processes to put together a comprehensive checklist or audit parameters, and our trained auditors conduct field audits to measure compliance. Data is collected in a reliable and transparent manner, along with evidence such as pohotographs to give a complete and correct picture of execution at stores.

MBO Success Index

Success at a Multi-Brand outlet depends on the availability of stock, prominence of the brand and product display, and the share and quality of recommendation by the in-store staff.

Channelplay's mystery shoppers visit MBO outlets asking for a product in the same category, and observe which is the first product proposed by the staff. If our client's product is not the first recommendation, the secret customer also inquires specifically about this product, and tries to measure staff attitudes towards it. The shopper also collects data about the availability and the visibility of the product in the store.

This data is used to create a Success Index score for the MBO - which is a measure of how successful the brand can expect to be at this store. The index is used for store and team incentivization, as well as for strategic decisions that impact the channel.

Visibility Audit

Visibility Audit helps the brands determine how effective is the marketing spend at the retail outlets.Through this audit the brand can know what all elements are present at the outlets, are they the latest ones, how are they placed and how effectively the retailer is using them towards improving their sales.

Space On Hire Audit

Space Utilization Audit can be a great source of additional income for large format national retail outlets, regional level retail chains and organized multibrand outlet chains. Many OEMs use the space inside these outlets for their advertising which in turn is an additonal source of income for all the above formats.

In this audit, firstly we map the complete visual inventory with every minute detail (position, size, type etc.) of the branding space. This mapping is then coverted to a form which can be easily used by the brand to plan, manage and take intelligent decisions for maiximizing the outlet revenue.