Inventory Audits


Inventory Audits

An accurate picture of stock in the supply chain is important to ensure correct accounting, manage channel incentivization, maintain freshness and quality, minimize shrinkage through loss or theft and to double-check on other data reporting mechanisms.

Channelplay's stock audit service provides accurate and reliable stock and inventory measurement across the country.

Bouquet of Services in Inventory Audits


Retailer Stock Audit is done at the retail outlets with the objective of capturing the exact stock details on a particular date. The auditor visits the outlet, declares his identity and follows the stock count process. Post the audit, a validated report is signed and stamped by the retailer and countersigned by the auditor. A copy of this report along with a digitized stock report in excel format is shared with the client.


Distributor/Warehouse audits are conducted to evaluate the physical stock available with the distributor network and to drive consequent actions basis the same. Stock audits gives brands insights into the stock at the secondary and tertiary levels, especially in cases of claims against price drops of products or expired products. 

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