Channelplay Case Study

1Channel App for Portronics Secondary Sales Automation

The main objective of the project was to deliver a mobile app and we based software portal for the sales force automation of secondary sales for Portronics. The scale of the project was low to begin with but the client organization could derive value out of the product and thereby agreed to pay the charges for the minimum scale required.


1Channel, our in-house mobile based field force automation solution, was the perfect fit for the client’s requirement. Built with a focus on process compliance monitoring and streamlining of field reporting, it improved secondary sales governance in the following manner:   

  • Classroom and Market training sessions were held all across the country to handhold the users till they are comfortable using the app
  • Successfully launched across the country and continue to provide support through multiple channels
  • Custom built dashboards to access real time analytics


1Channel successfully fulfilled the requirements of the client and helped the client gain complete visibility into its secondary sales operations. The key highlights were as follows:

  • Higher focus on compliance and discipline
  • All the orders are now captured through the system which ensures thorough process compliance
  • Orders captured are communicated to the concerned stakeholders for fulfillment leading to reduction of delay in delivery
  • Attendance being captured through the application is being used for payroll management
  • Highly positive feedback from the users with widespread acclaim for the intuitive workflow and UI
  • Actionable data being shared on a daily basis to all the stakeholders to quickly correct the course

Topics: Sales Force Automation