Channelplay Case Study

A Fashion Retailer Appoints Channelplay as Mystery Shopping Agency

Citistyle, well known for its value fashion stores, wanted to understand the gap between the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the actual Customer Experience.


The approach adopted to successfully deliver the scope of work was as under:

  • Recruiting shoppers with experience in similar type of mystery audits who are willing to make a purchase.
  • Training the auditors on the audit parameters and scenario to be performed.
  • Evaluating Exterior, Interior, Staff grooming & interaction, Washroom Hygiene, Trial room & Billing experience.
  • Evaluating objection handling skills of staff & store manager.
  • Gathering relevant proofs like photographs for each section of the store.


Through this program, the client gained valuable insights and as a part of improvement initiatives, Staff trainings were conducted to improve product knowledge, selling skills and objection handling skills in order to enhance customer experience & thereby increase their sales.

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits