Channelplay Case Study

Asset Tagging Activity for CHOICe Life Insurance Company

The key objectives of this project was to put unique asset tag numbers on televisions provided by head offices to there branch offices and do the asset quality audit of the Canara HSBC OBC branch offices across India & branch staff awareness about the new product and its benefits.


  • Aligning merchandisers team across different geographies in India
  • Branch mapping and enrolment with online tracking system
  • PJP designing and target assigning to the field team to cover all of the locations
  • Training of the VM manpower on asset type, fixing stickers on assets with a unique tag number, information capturing through mobile application
  • Dispatch of asset stickers to VM hubs & further to Branches
  • Coordination of the entire activity between banking personals, HO, and visual merchandisers
  • Branch wise (Canara & OBC) deployment of the POS only in banking working hours to all branches scattered to 400+ towns across India
  • Asset sticker pasting on asset by field executives along with reporting & Geo tagging
  • Capturing & Reporting 4 sides photographs of the asset & branch interior view through online reporting system.
  • Reporting & validation
  • Daily coverage tracking over the what’s app group and reporting the coverage biweekly over the mail


  • Tracking of the asset across all predetermined bank branches
  • Precise coordinates of all the activity
  • 100% TAT adherence for audit and asset tagging
  • Increased banking/customers awareness about the product
  • Increased brand visibility, scheme communication & service sale.
  • 100% involvement by all branches

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Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage