Channelplay Case Study

1Channel for Secondary Sales Management for Panasonic


The client, a leading consumer electronics brand, had the following requirements:

  • To capture attendance of all employees in distribution chain every day and use the data for pay-rolling
  • To capture stock information on all outlets selling client’s mobiles
  • To ensure fool proof data capture through GPS tagging and timestamp
  • To represent the data collected through interactive charts and dashboards


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • 1Channel, our in-house field force automation solution with a mobile app, was configured to match the requirements of the client and custom reports were created to address the reporting needs.
  • Users with higher aptitude and inclination to technology were identified and trained over the system. Following the Train-the-Trainer approach, these users further trained individual users in their territories.
  • The Management Team and Support Staff were trained on accessing the reports.


The system witnessed smooth adoption from all stakeholders and was intensively used for the operations envisioned. There was increased visibility into daily operations of field executives which enabled quick corrective actions. Seeing the success of 1Channel modules implemented, the client decided to implement the other modules too for an end-to-end digitization of field operations.

Topics: Sales Force Automation