Channelplay Case Study

Brand Visibility Audit For An IT Brand


The client wanted to measure visibility of its gift cards across specific retail stores. To achieve this Channelplay conducted mystery shopping at the stores and evaluated brand visibility through various parameters like:

  • Availability & position of the gift card fixture
  • Condition of the gift card fixture
  • Availability of various gift card denominations
  • Product knowledge of the sales staff


Key activities in project execution involved:

  • Questionnaire designing to evaluate all the desired parameters
  • Mystery shopper profiling and sourcing as per defined criteria
  • Mystery shopper training on audit process and flow of activities
  • Visit planning as per the dates and time frames provided by the client
  • Visit validation and report validation with appropriate photographic & geo-location proofs

Some of the challenges that we faced were:

  • Conducting evaluations within the specific time frames and dates set by the client
  • Processing large number of photographic proofs within short time span


Brand visibility audits were conducted across 150+ stores within a span of 20 days. Through this exercise the client gained valuable insights on:

  • Gift card fixture availability in the specified stores
  • Adherence to planogram for fixture positioning
  • Product knowledge of the store sales staff

We provided a detailed report to the client with trend analysis on various parameters for clear identification of problem areas and following actions were suggested:

  • More product trainings were required for improving product knowledge of the sales staff
  • Linking of product knowledge evaluation scores to incentives was suggested as an additional motivation

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits