Channelplay Case Study

Consumer Behavior Surveys For An E-commerce Giant


The e-commerce major wanted to understand consumer buying behavior for all its business units (apparel, electronics, large appliances, furniture, etc.) in terms of motivators and blockers for both online and offline purchase in the category. The study was intended to derive actionable insights which could be implemented to induce more purchase for categories which had low footfall and conversion.


Telephonic mode of survey was selected for the project and it covered pan India respondents across various age-groups and socio-economic classes. The respondents selected for the survey satisfied any one of the following criteria:

  • A person who had purchased the target category offline
  • A person who had browsed through the target category on an online marketplaces

The survey excluded the respondents who had purchased the target category online as the study was about converting non-buyers/browsers into buyers.


Mapping of complete consumer purchase cycle as well as buying behavior resulted in generating actionable insights around:

  • Most focused products
  • Purchase considerations
  • Blockers to purchase
  • Inputs to expand or contract a category
  • The way consumers perceived each category
  • Unmet needs and expectations of consumers

Topics: Market Research