Channelplay Case Study

Consumer Research for a Real-Estate Developer

Olympia Group is one of South India’s prominent real estate companies and have developed over 2000 homes and 5 million square feet successfully. The company intended to identify their core consumers to strategically plan their future marketing campaigns.  


  • Channelplay conducted telephonic surveys with Olympia’s existing consumers.
  • A multi-lingual calling team was setup to cater to consumer’s comfort for their local dialect
  • An initial process was created to take appointments from the consumers along with their preferred mode of surveys.
  • Real time data of the consumers who were not interested in giving the surveys were shared with the client, so that they can provide an official notification from their end to imbibe trust in consumers to share information.


The research produced inputs around the following elements which assisted client in their future marketing campaign designing and media planning.

  • Consumer lifestyle
  • Attitudes, opinions & beliefs
  • Brand preference & satisfaction
  • Top considerations while choosing a property
  • Feedback and expectations from Olympia group
  • Media consumption

Topics: Market Research