Channelplay Case Study

Consumer Reward Campaign for Customers of Premium Printers

The client decided to run a campaign during festive period to encourage customers to purchase specific premium models of printers. Customers of the identified models were eligible for a reward of high quality headphones from a premium audio equipment manufacturer. The deliverables were to develop a web based reward claim system, handle all the communication to the winners, collect the documentation and handle the procurement and delivery of all the rewards up to the last point. The biggest challenge of the project was the scale as the number of winners to be contacted were 5000+.


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • Development of a web based system to collect customers’ information and documents
  • Ensuring that the system created could pass the best possible security checks to comply with the client’s high level of security policies
  • Integrating with client system to map the valid serial numbers of the products
  • Coordinating timely documentation and validation
  • Handling logistics of rewards up to the last mile in all corners of the country
  • Providing multi-channel support for grievance handling
  • Ensuring zero leakage payouts with audit trails
  • Ensuring closures of all deliveries within 45 days of confirmation


  • All the rewards were delivered to the respective winners within time and in full
  • Customers had superior experience of taking part in the activity and engaging with the brand

Topics: Loyalty Programs