Channelplay Case Study

Dealer Loyalty Program for a Mattress Brand

The main objective from the client was to create a platform to engage with multi-brand and single brand dealers of mattresses and incentivize them on the business they are generating for the client. To realize this objective, we conceptualized and executed a loyalty program to effectively engage client’s 2000+ trade network across the country.


The key activities in project execution involved:

  • Designing a program to effectively fulfill objectives set by the client
  • Designing a program logic based on the target achievement level
  • Integrating with the client’s system for data updates
  • Configuring Email and SMS alerts to the concerned stakeholders with important action points
  • Helpdesk management and communication with wholesalers via SMS, mailers and tele-calling
  • Reward sourcing, warehousing, dispatch and management within agreed timelines


The program was a success and the key highlights were as follows:

  • Recognition for top retailers and differential rewards for consistent performers
  • Effective engagement of channel partners and creation of emotional connect
  • Improved growth and profitability via increased sales and aspirational value
  • Improvement in “Top-of-Mind” re-call value and increased offtakes from channel partners

Topics: Loyalty Programs