Channelplay Case Study

Mosaic Appoints Channelplay as Digital Signage Partner for Retail

The Mosaic company is the world’s leading producer and marketer of crop nutrition. They have partnered with Channelplay to design manufacture and install "Digital Floor standing Units (FSUs)” at 100 distributor's outlets across India. All the FSU’s would come with centrally controlled customised digital content.

This activity is done to enhance Mosaic’s brand visibility share and increased interaction with the customers/farmers.

Given below is the approach plan adopted to achieve the above objective.


  • Identification of 10 retailers in phase 1
  • Onboarding regional vendor partners for 100% coverage within defined timelines
  • Training the regional vendor teams to understand and setup the FSU at prominent location to catch maximum views
  • Packing and dispatching of distributor wise assets – Post receipt of the asset – Channelplay team to get the installation done with customized digital content
  • End to end management of the project to ensure continuous operation of assets
  • Aligning exclusive maintenance team on ground for rectification of problems within TAT
  • Effective coordination with the field team, vendors and Mosaic for successful installation of digital kiosks
  • Weekly Installation report to be shared with Mosaic along with reports for activated assets
  • Live tracking reports on periodic basis to Mosaic on active & inactive assets & Action plan for rectification
  • Real time access to on ground execution pictures through email and official WhatsApp groups


  • Customized digital content -Increase interaction with different regions and people
  • Increased product and brand visibility share
  • Real time reporting of every step involved in the field execution

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