Channelplay Case Study

E-Commerce Leader Signs up Channelplay as their Market Research Agency

A leading e-commerce marketplace wanted to identify and benchmark the fixed fees as well as commissions charged on the products sold by them with their most relevant competitor marketplaces.


  • A sample of products were considered for multiple categories in order to have a inter-category benchmarking.
  • Similar SKU’s (products of same brand & variant) available on all portals were considered for the study to ensure apple-to-apple benchmark.
  • Active seller portal accounts were used to mine the data.
  • The benchmarking was also done basis seller segmentation - standard vs premium sellers in order to study the difference between the rates charged for the services.


The data of commission rate & fixed fees was segregated with respect to:

  1. Product
    • Category
    • Type
    • Brand
    • SKU
    • Price
  2. Seller segmentation
    • Type of seller service (i.e. standard, premium, fulfilled by marketplace etc.)
  3. Inter-category competitiveness and leadership and accordingly defining pricing strategies

Topics: Market Research