Channelplay Case Study

E-commerce Support Specialist Training Program


The client, an e-commerce giant, partnered with Channelplay to identify and train freelancers across the country so that they could provide support to sellers for registering on client’s e-commerce platform. The processes to be covered included:

  • Seller registration
  • Seller account setup
  • Managing product listings in seller account
  • Creation of promotions and offers
  • Order management and return procedure


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • Identification and enrollment of eligible freelancers in target locations
  • Execution of a 2-day training session for the freelancers which covered the seller registration process and details of seller account management
  • Post session evaluation of understanding of freelancers and certification of qualified freelancers

The key challenge faced during the program was finding the right freelancers in the target locations which was addressed by running comprehensive social media promotions and word-of-mouth publicity.  


The project was a success and the key highlights were as follows:

  • Channelplay successfully achieved the target set by the client in terms of training freelancers in metros and tier-1 cities, which enabled the client to provide a better support to its sellers.
  • Apart from seller support, the certified freelancers also registered new sellers on client’s platform.
  • In the form of e-commerce support specialists, the client created a pool of freelancers having basic knowledge of e-commerce which could be utilized for various initiatives in future.  

Topics: Field Force Training