Channelplay Case Study

Employee Rewards Program for a Sanitaryware company

Client’s requirement was to have a professional managed employee rewards program which would be transparent and seamless. The program structure was designed in coordination with us. Employees had a points structure in place where they could earn points for various KPIs. A website was created where employees could view their performance and points and redeem rewards


The key activities in project execution involved:

  • Creating a points structure to address all the major KPIs of the employees
  • Integrating with client HR system for seamless transfer of data
  • Having approval loops as checks and balances to ensure no leakage
  • Having a vast and relevant reward catalogue which would appeal to the employees
  • Giving a smooth and seamless redemption experience


The program was successful in meeting its objective and the key highlights were as follows:

  • A transparent points structure which ensured the employees knew the areas of improvement
  • Improved performance and KPI achievement
  • Higher retention due to the accrued points and redemption delights

Topics: Loyalty Programs