Channelplay Case Study

Fabricator Loyalty Program for a Steel Company

The main objective from the client was to start engaging with and incentivising fabricators and contractors on purchase of steel of the brand. To do that, the approach was to create a platform to engage with contractors and incentivize them on the business they are generating for the client. The scale of the program was huge so the transaction capture process was multi-platform allowing users to share data through mobile app or phone calls. To realize this objective, we conceptualized and executed a loyalty program to effectively engage client’s 6000+ Fabricators across the country


The key activities in project execution involved:

  • Developing a mobile app to capture the registration and transaction data
  • Developing phone and OTP based system for transaction capture and validation
  • Reaching out to the large base of fabricators to welcome and train them on the program
  • Launching the program in key markets through events
  • Publishing reports to concerned stakeholders will all the required information
  • Configuring Email and SMS alerts to the concerned stakeholders with important action points
  • Building emotional connect through wishes and activities on their important days
  • Helpdesk management and communication with contractors via SMS, mailers and tele-calling
  • Reward sourcing, warehousing, dispatch and management within agreed timelines


The program was a success and the key highlights were as follows:

  • Generation of fabricator purchase data which lead to identification of key fabricators
  • Effective engagement with key fabricators and creation of emotional connect
  • Improved growth and profitability via increased sales and aspirational value


Topics: Loyalty Programs