Channelplay Case Study

Festive Trade Scheme for Stationery Dealers

The main objective from the client was to create a platform to run a festive campaign for stakeholders at all levels of Stationery products supply chain and incentivize them on the business they are generating for the client during the peak season period. The program would target Distributors, Direct Dealers and Wholesalers across the country. All qualified partners were invited to regional events where they were given assured rewards. A lucky draw was also conducted and the winners were given out bumper prizes.


The key activities in project execution involved:

  • Data collection to track partner performance
  • Calculate the rewards and lucky draw coupons due to each partner
  • Invite partners to regional events
  • Send out to coupons and vouchers to regional SPOCs
  • Create content for the event
  • Reward sourcing, warehousing, dispatch and management within agreed timelines
  • Handling the procurement, documentation and logistics of bumper prizes - 80 TVs, 40 Bikes and 5 Cars


The program was a success and the key highlights were as follows:

  • First of its kind program in the Industry leading to clutter breaking engagement with the trade
  • Optimal utilization of festive period to maximise business
  • Recognition for top retailers and differential rewards for consistent performers

Topics: Loyalty Programs