Channelplay Case Study

Flipkart Signs up Channelplay as their Market Research Agency

Flipkart being a major player in Indian E-commerce market, wanted to conduct a competition benchmarking to understand the seller support on below mentioned parameters:

  • Connect & follow-ups
  • Resolution process & TAT
  • Support staff
  • Returns
  • Claims

The whole project was divided into two phases of tele-surveys along with a round of in-depth interviews to capture both qualitative & quantitative insights.


  • A multi-lingual calling team was setup to cater to seller’s comfort for their local dialect
  • An adequate ratio of sellers based on tier & categories was maintained to capture balanced & diverse results.
  • A process to take appointments for in-depth & telephonic interviews was followed.
  • The results of telephonic surveys were utilised to create a cohesive in-depth interview guide.


The findings of the study are as follows:

  • Frequency of connect with & follow-ups by marketplace seller support staff along with identification of most common queries
  • Average TAT and quality of resolution
  • Satisfaction related to the support staff was measured on parameters like
    • Knowledge
    • Clarity of communication
    • Ability to take decisions
    • Empathy & ownership
  • Seller support on fraudulent returns
  • Seller support on raising & approval of claims

Top parameters of considerations impacting the overall satisfaction of seller support

Topics: Market Research