Channelplay Case Study

Focus Group Study for a Water Purifier Manufacturer

BRITA, a German water purifier manufacturer wanted to launch electronic, multistage filtration systems in the Indian water filtration market & hence wanted to understand Indian consumers on following aspects:

  • Consumer purchasing cycle, usage behavior & gaps
  • Testing BRITA’s features, concepts & designs on various aspects amongst Indian consumers


  • The client wanted in-depth research on various aspects of the water purifier – right from their present water consumption scenario, feature preference and buying behavior. Hence focus group discussions (FGD) were conducted.
  • FGD’s were conducted across three cities - 2 Metros & 1 non-metro in order to have a mix of population leading to diverse views & opinions.
  • Participant profiles included mix across age, gender, marital status, family size & income classes.
  • Participants were recruited & finalized atleast 2 weeks before starting FGDs through convenience sampling
  • Apart from recruitment of participants, venue was finalized keeping in mind that a central location where participants can reach easily.


The research resulted in generating the following insights:

  • Drivers of water purifier usage amongst water purifier users & barriers amongst non-users
  • How BRITA fared compared to competitor brands
  • Were the key features able to create a position in consumer’s mind and a competitive edge over other brands in the category
  • Existing consumer behavior and buying journey
  • Ideal selling channel(s)
  • Winning features, designs & concepts

Topics: Market Research