Channelplay Case Study

FOS Staffing for one of a Leading Payments Bank in India

Airtel Payments Bank Limited (APBL) is a household name in today’s Digital revolution. Airtel Payments Bank has a strategic advantage over other UPI payment gateways as it offers much more services rather than just a payment interface. Thereby, they were looking to exponentially increase the transactions via acquiring or onboarding Retailers, end consumers and small & big enterprises. Within Airtel Payments Bank, there are many business units which look after different target segments. They include :

  • Merchant Acquisition Sales Force
  • Financial Services Sales Force
  • Promoter Business Sales Force
  • Rural Banking Sales Force
  • SME Sales Force

Problem Statement

Airtel Payments Bank had already been working with 3 other agencies but was struggling to penetrate into Tier 3 cities; find a central agency for multiple zones; find an agency to cater to all the above mentioned target audience; ramp up the recruitment quickly.

That’s when Channelplay presented its credentials in Sales Force Staffing & Management and convinced Airtel Payments Bank to give atleast 1 of the Business units’ staffing to Channelplay. As APBL wanted a large number of Sales employees to be deployed on the field quickly, Channelplay presented that how it had kept its focus only on Sales force Hiring & their management projects since its inception in 2006.

Channnelplay was thereby awarded with a couple of zones for Merchant & Promoter business Sales force.

Channelplay Solution

Channelplay allocated a Central Program coordinator, along with Circle wise SPOCs to bring upon better coordination, delivery and reporting of the Project for each Circle of Airtel Payments Bank. Channelplay gained initial momentum through its field recruitment team for the hiring of Sales force in those areas where APBL had earlier been struggling while with other agencies.

Channelplay was able to deliver :

  • Better penetration into Tier 3 & Rural areas
  • Increased relevant people turning up for interviews
  • Better Conversion ratio
  • Better Joining ratio

Channelplay’s processes of Onboarding, Employee Documentation, Compliance management, Employee Retention Strategies (Medical + Accidental + Term Insurances; Fixed Salary Date; Quicker Issue resolution), Exit Formalities and Periodic reporting were well appreciated by the Client.

Most importantly, through the FOS deployed by Channelplay Airtel Payments Bank was able to achieve their field objectives. The acquisition rate of customers, Retailers, SMEs sharply went up.


With the success achieved from the couple of zones and business units,

  • Channelplay was awarded with entry into Sales staffing requirements of other APBL business units and also gained entry into other circles PAN India.
  • With Channelplay continuing to deliver high performance in all these newly awarded regions and business units, Channelplay now manages 550+ Sales force deployed on its roles spread across India whereas Airtel Payments Bank is satisfactorily gaining higher penetration and acquisition of their Target Customers.

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management