Channelplay Case Study

Glow Sign Board & In Shop Branding For Timex


The key objective of this project is to execute Glow Sign Board installation & in shop branding of new products/visuals/creatives to different Timex world channels across India. Maintaining hygiene & quality of the visibility across all trades & channels.


  • Identifying and reporting the outlets to client for isb/gsb branding

  • Outlet enrolment for execution
  • Training of the vendors on recce, execution guideline, and collecting required supporting for proof of execution and bills processing
  • Prioritising the job execution on ground basis trade/channels
  • Visuals suggestion
  • Coordination of entire activity. Team alignment, recce, cost & visuals adaptation approval, necessary work permit arrangement on site for the execution on ground.
  • Execution of the job on ground
  • Reporting & validation


  • Execution of the activity on all of the outlets assigned across PAN India
  • Collecting geo coordinates of all outlets
  • Increased product awareness
  • Increased brand visibility
  • 100% involvement by all retailers leads to healthy partner contribution

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Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage