Channelplay Case Study

In-Store Branding For An Automotive Brand


Having a consistent and exciting store design can improve shopper experience, add to brand health, and in some cases even become a hard to copy differentiator. Our client sensed the importance of evoking trust and brand experience during shopper visits to their dealer outlets. They partnered with Channelplay for a nation-wide revamp of in-store branding so that all outlets had consistent branding and visual merchandising.


To have consistent branding across all stores was a big challenge as store modifications had to be done adhering to the structural constraints. Key highlights of the execution included:

  • Documenting as-is outlet layouts and building an online repository of every branding space available at each outlet (along with CAD drawings)
  • Project Scale – 250+ outlets to be covered in 20+ cities
  • Ready-to-deploy FOS for recce and merchandising in up to Tier-III cities


We revamped the stores keeping in mind all the constraints and smoothly executed the project.

  • Adapted master branding artwork in line with the new store layout
  • Fabricated and installed elements as per new design and approved specifications
  • Online Reporting Portal was setup for project management and consisted of outlet wise branding details along with an approval management system

Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage