Channelplay Case Study

Lit Hanger Deployment for LAVA Mobile Phones

Lava mobiles is currently very active in Indian market in terms of increasing there visibility share under instore communications category. Following this trend, they wanted to deploy LAVA lit hangers across there premium outlets. Biggest challenge was to ensure that all lit hangers are deployed on front facade of the outlets & outlet owner's alignment before deployment. Another challenge was to procure hooks & install hangers by roof hooks to ensure that all deployment lasts long for a good amount of time on outlet facades. Please check the methodology of the installation process & outcome below:

Lava Lit Hanger.jpeg


  • Procurement of roof hooks for the deployment of hangers & dispatches to all locations.
  • Selection of fitter teams as per the skill set required for this job.
  • Making a video for the deployment training guideline to field team. Please click below for the installation guideline video 
  • Scheduling dispatches of hangers for different locations & arranging team's availibility as per TAT
  • Installation of hangers & real time checking of deployment
  • Capturing deployment and reporting as per requirement through in-house reporting portal - 1Channel.
  • Deployment coverage across premium outlets.
  • Campaign coverage within TAT defined before inception of the project.
  • Uniform deployment across channel partners

Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage