Channelplay Case Study

Indoor Branding Changeover for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

The key objectives of this project was to execute the indoor branding of new visual changeover to the Mumbai branch of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank along with the banking personal/customer awareness about the new service benefits and its launch.


  • Coordinating & understanding all the scope of work & visuals changeover requirement from ADCB head office at Abhu Dhabi
  • Sourcing of the isb/gsb vendor for Mumbai branch to execute the activity within the TAT assigned
  • Branch enrolment to the vendor for execution
  • Aligning and coordination between the vendor and bank spoc of regional branch for recce
  • Training of the vendor on recce, execution guideline, and collecting required supporting for proof of execution and bills processing
  • Share the recce report to ADCB head office at Abu Dhabi for final approval
  • Arranging visuals finalized open artworks from Abu Dhabi branch               b
  • Visuals adaptation & collecting all required approvals for print and installation
  • Prioritising the job execution in non-working days of the bank within the TAT assigned
  • Coordination of entire activity from team alignment, recce, cost & visuals adaptation approval, necessary work permit arrangement on site for the execution.
  • Execution of the job on ground
  • Reporting & validation


  • Execution of the activity at the branch
  • Precise coordinates of the entire activity
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Execution of the activity as per the client expectation within the TAT assigned

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Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage