Channelplay Case Study

Inventory Audit Software for DTH Company Audits


A leading Mystery Shopping company in India used 1View to assess the inventory availability and status of key products of a DTH TV company to ensure that it was equipped to optimally meet the demand of its products. The evaluation was done on the basis of following key parameters:

  • Physical Inventory Available
  • Monitor Inventory Deviation
  • Monitor Inventory system across all distributors
  • Validate Inventory count with proofs


The agency used 1View for all aspects of managing the inventory audit program such as:

  • Questionnaire designing to evaluate the count of inventory available at the stores
  • Shopper profiling and sourcing of seasoned shoppers confident to carry out large volume inventory audits
  • Integration of 1View with Learning Management System to train shoppers on the audit process and flow of activities
  • Shopper Certification to ensure that every opportunity is assigned to the most suitable applicant
  • Collection of multimedia proofs and other documents for validation of reports

1View’s advanced functionality was especially useful for:

  • Conducting audits across 100+ cities and finding the most suitable shopper for the assignment The team used the innovative feature of auditor profile matching feature to overcome this challenge
  • Imparting extensive training to the shoppers. Integration with an LMS to provide the shoppers extensive training material which helped the team to overcome this challenge
  • Calculating deviation in the inventory at the stores. The team used the Inventory Deviation Calculation feature of 1View to overcome this challenge
  • Providing custom reports and dashboards to the client. Integration with the best-in-class BI tool helped the team to overcome this challenge


1View successfully fulfilled the requirements of the client and helped them to gain valuable insights on:

  • Physical count of the inventory available at different stores
  • Comparison of actual inventory count compared to the system generated inventory report and any variation was recorded in the report

The audits were done on a monthly basis and after each round a detailed physical count report was shared with the client. The key highlights were as follows:- 

  • Actionable reports being shared with the client which helped them to monitor and properly manage their inventory system
  • Inventory deviation calculation at the stores helped the client to identify the inventory deviation at different stores

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