Channelplay Case Study

ISB & GSB Branding for Lenovo India

The project was about to do best in class and uniform in-door & outdoor branding for Lenovo India across South India in 100+ tier 2 & 3 towns. It was a pilot activity which is supposed to get reflected across India, once pilot is successfully executed.


  • Aligning region wise vendor partners to do on time recce
  • Training of the team to capture detailed long shot & close shot photographs of the entire store so that marketing team sitting in HO can decide on the best visibility branding spaces
  • Making PJP of the recce team aligned to do recce across 100+ locations.
  • Target assigning to the field team for the recce & presenting the same in a ppt.
  • Reporting recce information in a prescribed format of ppt & excel to Lenovo HO
  • Detailed reporting of item wise dealer wise budget consumption, this helped client on deriving store wise budget consumption
  • Getting artwork ready from raw source files and doing adaptation as per guideline from Lenovo HO
  • Putting multiple regional vendors to do branding within specified timeline & to ensure uniform branding media type & visibility
  • Smooth coordination of the entire activity between client, regional sales team, dealers & regional vendors
  • To ensure on time report sharing by regional vendor partners & sharing the same with Lenovo HO as per agreed format
  • Reporting glimpse photographs of the daily execution over the what’s app group & e-mail


  • 100% successful branding execution across all dealerships within specified timelines
  • Precise coordinates of the entire activity & Uniform visibility across all dealership
  • Increased service sale, brand visibility & customer/dealers awareness about the brand

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Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage