Channelplay Case Study

Sales Executive Outsourcing for Footwear Brand

M&B Footwear is one of the fastest growing companies in shoe business, manufacturing and selling brands like Lee Cooper, Provogue and ID. Footwear industry is highly organized and the brands have to invest huge amount of time to manage sales, setting up and expanding distribution and hiring the right sales teams and managing them effectively. The company wanted to increase focus on producing the best in class products in competitive prices by shifting the bandwidth from sales management.


The initial focus was required on streamlining the complete business process with below steps:-

1) Project team from distribution background deployed to manage the business effectively

1) Dedicated FOSs(Feet on Street) - Shared distributor FOSs replaced with dedicated resources.

2) All the beat plans were planned in advance and uploaded on Channelplay's state of art reporting tool 1Channel.

3) To keep the FOSs motivated to perform better, monthly incentive plan created on parameters like sales target achievement, width and depth of distribution, beat plan compliance and visibility.

4) Information Visibility - Transformation of information transparency from none to clear visibility on FOSs visits with longitude/latitude and time stamp, orders taken in value and volume and beat compliance.


1) Transformation of data transparency from none to clear visibility of stores covered, FOSs visits with longitude/latitude and time stamp, beat compliance, orders taken and sales trends. It helped in taking proactive actions to maintain the discipline and have control on sales.

2) Stores average visit frequency increased with tracking.

3) Growth in distribution reach recorded.

4) Better productivity of resources with tracking and better motivation of the teams.


Topics: Sales Staffing & Management