Channelplay Case Study

Advertising Campaign Research for a Hospital Chain

Rainbow Hospital, a chain of Paediatric Hospitals, provides infant and maternal healthcare services. The client wanted us to evaluate the reach & effectiveness of one of their regional campaigns which was run by them specifically for the Bengaluru geography.


The approach adopted to successfully deliver the scope of work was as under:

  • Identifying the mediums where the campaign was advertised – Outdoor, TV, Radio etc.
  • A proportion of surveys were conducted for each medium looking into campaign’s awareness as well as effectiveness
  • A good mix of respondents were selected by ensuring various cuts pertaining to consumer gender, age, occupation, income etc
  • Adequate systems were established to enable real-time data collection and cleaning


  The client was provided with a detailed report on the below parameters:

  • Campaign Awareness
  • Campaign Effectiveness – Overall as well as medium-wise
  • Campaign Memorability and Context understanding
  • Consumers’ opinion & suggestions about the campaign
  • Consumer awareness about similar campaigns being run by competitor healthcare providers

Topics: Market Research