Channelplay Case Study

Market Mapping Activity to Build Loyalty Program for a Cement Company

The main objective from the client was to collect the information of the universe of outlets in the country so that their Sales resource deployment, Trade spend and Loyalty Rewards program could be optimised. The project involved setting up a platform to collect information about the trade universe through their Sales workforce.


The key activities in project execution involved:

  • Developed a custom mobile application with the required questionnaire and workflow and the following features
    • Automated address population through PIN Code mapping
    • Offline mode so that the users could use it anywhere and at any time without being concerned about network access
    • Ability to capture store images
    • Geography based brand population so that the users see relevant brands only
    • Custom field validations to avoid erroneous data
    • Intuitive workflow to create superior user experience
  • Training the workforce on using the application
  • Supporting the users through Phone, Email and Whatsapp based helpdesks
  • Data sanitisation to avoid duplicates and erroneous data
  • Qlik based dashboard to track progress of execution
  • Analysis of the data collected to recommend Loyalty Program


The program was a success and the key highlights were as follows:

  • Comprehensive data of the trade universe successfully captured
  • Data being analysed to formulate the right loyalty program
  • Superior technological solution and user support leading to smooth execution and glowing feedback from client

Topics: Loyalty Programs