Channelplay Case Study

Market Sizing for a Financial Services Company

Vistaar is one of the fastest growing players in India’s MSME finance space with a portfolio of around 1200 Crores. The client wanted to map the size of loan market, loan customer potential as well as its brand awareness among Kiranas, Restaurants & Bakery formats.

The major research objectives included:

Market sizing:

  • Estimating universe of stores like target stores in each town/branch
  • Proportion of Kirana, Hotels/Restaurants and Bakeries, their Segmentation into high, mid & low based on shop size/turnover

As is scenario:

  • Current category/SKU width
  • Plans of expansion/future growth
  • Their loan requirement, sources of fund


  • Preferences for taking loan
  • Gauging awareness about loan providers - TOMA, Spontaneous & Aided awareness


  1. Representative towns were shortlisted based on population & retail penetration across the target regions suggested by the client.
  2. Since it was a census mapping, all types of stores were targeted and any bias in terms of store size was avoided.
  3. Retailers who were to be surveyed were shortlisted basis who have either taken loan in past or looking for loan in future.


  1. Retailers were segmented basis their income & savings in order to derive more meaning from the data and frame different targetting strategies for different retailer classes.
  2. Market sizing was done basis their existing loan scenario, future preference for loan, average amount required and sources of funds.
  3. Channelplay also provided strategic inputs to the client in terms of accessible opportunity, market share in near term, loan slab to target, competition clutter, their brand awareness and promotional strategy to capture a fair share of consumer mind-space.

Topics: Market Research