Channelplay Case Study

Distributor Satisfaction Study for Mars

Mars Pet Care division wanted to assess the satisfaction level of Distributors Pan India with the business at large and day-to-day operational processes & policies.The key study parameters included:

  • Ordering and logistics
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Claims & Damages
  • Complaint resolution
  • Training support
  • Market support provided by the company
  • Effectiveness of merchandising & promotion schemes
  • Engagement & Return on investment


Due to the vast geographical spread of the study, the project required extensive ground-level planning and coordination.

  • Experienced surveyors who had conducted distributor surveys in past were appointed & trained by the Channelplay project team. Mock assessment of each surveyor was carried out to ensure the required level of understanding.
  • Channelplay prepared beat route plans for all surveyors to ensure maximum coverage in minimum time.
  • Real-time data collected from auditors was filtered through various quality check mechanisms to ensure its validity and authenticity.
  • A scoring mechanism was established for each assessment parameter and insights were generated region-wise and distributor-wise.


  • The study was successful in capturing the satisfaction levels among distributors on a pan India level.
  • It revealed various pain points of distributors and helped the client in identifying the improvement areas.

Topics: Market Research