Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Audit for an Electronics Brand

The imperative for the client was to understand the selling process and the service quality at their exclusive retail outlets. In order to facilitate this, Channelplay conducted mystery audits at their stores Pan India and helped them identify gaps from customer interaction standpoint.


The approach adopted to successfully deliver the scope of work was as under:

  • Evaluation of need assessment process of the staff.
  • Assessing product knowledge of the staff, and how they communicate it to the customers.
  • Evaluation of Selling Orientation - whether the staff informs about the unique aspects of the brand etc.
  • Evaluation of the sales closure process

The key challenge of this program were:

  • Identification of quality auditors in Tier 2 and below locations who can appear as genuine customers of the product
  • Finding auditors with a fair knowledge of cameras, suitable for conducting the audits


Following insights were presented to the client as the outcome of this Mystery Shopping exercise:

  • Focus required on making the staff adept with the USP and the exclusive services offered by the client
  • Identifying the specific regions and states where the problem was cronic

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits