Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping at Car Showrooms


The client always strives to provide unmatched customer experience in their Showrooms as well as Service Centre. To ensure the same, they wanted to conduct experience mystery audits in order to maintain standardization and drive action wherever required. The observation parameters were:

Showroom Evaluation Parameters:

  • Showroom exterior and interior
  • Staff grooming and product knowledge
  • Ethical standards of the staff by insisting on a discounted off-the-record transaction

Service Centre Evaluation Parameters:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Quality of consultation given for car servicing
  • Workshop condition, both exteriors as well as interiors
  • Delivery experience with respect to estimated time v/s actual time, explanation of work done and cost incurred and billing process


  • Identifying auditors who own Maruti cars to perform the car servicing scenario
  • A detailed training document was created to ensure that the shoppers were well versed with different scenarios and observation parameters
  • A mock assessment was conducted to ensure they conduct the audit in the desired manner
  • The mystery shopping was validated by way of photographs and service bill proofs


A detailed report stating the overall and section-wise scores of all stores outlining:

  • Benchmark vs immediate attention outlets
  • Best practices & key improvement areas to enable desired action in order to improve the overall customer experience


Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits