Case Study

Mystery Shopping for a Premium Global Watch Brand

The Brand deals in Fashion & Sports collection of Men & Women watches, with global headquarters based out of Japan. The brand has 55 Exclusive Brand outlets PAN India. It is also present in all leading Fashion & Lifestyle MBOs, Large Format Retail outlets, General Trade Watch outlets & is also a prominent name in the Online Watch industry. The Watch Brand deals with SKUs starting from INR 1,000 ranging to INR 60,000, but their most sold SKUs remain in the range of INR 5,000 to 15,000.

Problem Statement

The brand had recently emphasized on needs and assessment of constant / refresher Trainings for their Brand-owned Store Promoter staff. The objective was to increase their product knowledge & sales acumen and to identify areas of improvement at the store level. But the brand was unclear on how they should plan the training and what should be the agenda of the training. It was imperative that the brand knew the Store level shortcomings as it was also entering into an expansion mode.

At that time the brand was also trying to figure out whether they should hire permanent Trainers or outsource it to a Training agency, as they had no visibility on their on-ground retail performance and Training needs. That’s when Channelplay got in touch with the brand. Channelplay, with all its Retail execution and measurement experience, understood that rather than delivering unplanned trainings, it’s better to understand the on-ground shortcomings and areas of improvement, so that a comprehensive Training could be curated. Accordingly, Channelplay proposed Mystery Shopping as one of the tools to bridge the Gap between Brand SOPs and SOPs executed on the ground.

Channelplay pitched its credential and proven track record of managing such projects and presented that how it had helped other leading brands, including Premium & Luxury Watch brands in eliminating similar problem statement.

Channelplay Solution

Channelplay, as part of its standard Mystery shopping service curated a questionnaire, in consultation with the client over the below mentioned Focus Areas:

  • Store Exterior
  • Store Interior
  • Promoter Product Knowledge
  • Promoter’s Grooming standards
  • Sales Closing
  • Visual Merchandising elements visibility

To conduct the audit on the above parameters, Channelplay followed a thorough process of Shopper Profiling, Selection of Auditors, Training of Auditors & Assessing Auditor’s capabilities to execute this Audit. As part of Channelplay’s standard deliverables, we created an Analytical Dashboard for the Brand / Client to have a real-time access of the on-ground audits and the performance of each Brand Store with the following details:

  • Overall Campaign Score
  • Section wise Drill down
  • Performance by Question
  • Attention Areas
  • Responses against each Question
  • Top 5 stores
  • Bottom 5 stores
  • Key Improvement areas to exponentially increase Campaign score

Most importantly, through the audits conducted by Channelplay the brand was able to visualize as well as analyze the gaps, shortcomings as well as best practices.


With the successful Mystery audits conducted in 55 Exclusive Brand outlets PAN India, the Watch brand got a fair idea of where the Training need lies, to what personnel and on which store.

The Audit report also made the brand aware on what challenges a customer might encounter while visiting their stores, so that the Brand can come up with the strategies to eliminate them. The findings of the audit have empowered the Senior management of the Brand to take key decisions while expanding to newer stores and geographies.

Moreover, Channelplay would be roped in to conduct the second round of audits, once the findings of the 1st have been executed on ground. The objective of the 2nd round of audits would be to further understand the Trend analysis of the various parameters set and to review whether all brand SOPs are intact.


Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits