Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping For A Sports Gear Brand


Client’s objective was to become the market leader in the sports gear segment through superior service quality, product availability and customer satisfaction. Keeping this in perspective, Channelplay was to conduct mystery shopping across specified outlets in order to find out areas of improvement. The key points to be evaluated included:

  • Welcome desk responsiveness
  • Store ambience parameters
  • Visual merchandising across the store
  • Product knowledge of sales staff
  • Staff interaction skills
  • Billing process efficiency
  • Grievance handling procedure


Major activities in project execution involved:

  • Questionnaire designing to capture various scenarios specified by the client
  • Profiling and sourcing of seasoned shoppers confident to carry out a mystery video audit
  • Mystery shopper training on the audit process and flow of activities
  • Visit planning as per the dates and time frames provided by the client
  • Visit validation and report validation with appropriate proofs


Through this mystery shopping exercise, the client gained valuable insights on:

  • Professionalism, responsiveness and product knowledge of sales staff
  • Responsiveness of the welcome desk
  • Efficiency of the billing process and the cashier
  • Adherence to various standard operating procedures and guidelines

We provided a detailed report to the client with trend analysis on various parameters for better identification of the problem areas, basis which the client took the following corrective actions:

  • Frequency of product trainings was increased
  • Evaluations of the billing process were spread throughout the week

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits