Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping For A Startup Dealing In Used Two-Wheelers


The client, a startup dealing in used two-wheelers, wanted to evaluate its consumer’s experience right from appointment booking stage to closure of sale. The objective was to identify any weak areas which could then be focused upon in order to improve the overall consumer experience.


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • Developing a diverse portfolio of auditors to get different perspectives
  • Creation of multiple scenarios to capture various aspects of consumer experience
  • Comprehensive training of auditor followed by assessment and certification
  • Detailed auditor visit planning along with back-up plans to ensure timely data collection
  • Rigorous quality checks and report validation using appropriate recordings and proofs
  • Close monitoring of the process in order to quickly identify & rectify any gaps in execution


The mystery shopping exercise was a success and provided valuable insights to the client. The key improvement measures suggested to the client included:

  • Shortening of lag between the confirmation call and the scheduling call
  • Conducting Training Need Analysis for the Field Sales Executives
  • Strengthening of dealer responsiveness to enhance closures
  • Setting-up a follow-up call process which was found missing in the current round of audits


Based on the suggestions, the client made some key modifications which were as follows:

  • The website layout was improved to ensure smooth appointment booking
  • Field Sales Executives / dealers were mandated to proactively discuss all services offered by client
  • Dealer engagement initiatives were started at the company level

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits