Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping For An Apparel Brand


The main challenge for client was to maintain high level of service quality across all its retail outlets in the country. They wanted to ensure complete uniformity in terms of products, hygiene and service in all stores spread across 30+ cities.

To address this challenge, Channelplay carried out mystery shopping audit and assessed all stores for service quality.


Channelplay was responsible for end to end management of the entire mystery shopping audit, from candidate shortlisting and training to the customization of dashboard as per specifications.

 It took extra efforts to meet the client’s mandatory purchase prerequisite as many auditors were not keen on a purchase. Moreover, the mystery shoppers had to be females only, selected on the basis of parameters such as communication skills, prior experience and educational qualification.

Some other challenges that we encountered in mystery shopping audit were:

  • Conducting audits in smaller tier II cities
  • No repetition of auditors for three months to ensure high quality
  • Imparting extensive training to mystery shoppers


Through this program, the client gained valuable insights on:

  • In-store ambience in terms of display, branding and hygiene
  • Professionalism, responsiveness and selling skills of sales executives
  • Quality and availability of different products

 We provided client with store-wise ratings and rankings on three parameters - sale interaction, staff standards and store facilities. Basis the findings, the client immediately took these key steps:

  • KRAs of store manager were aligned with the performance of stores and sales staff
  • Incentives of sales staff were tightly linked with the audit ratings

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits