Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping For An E-Commerce Player


To maintain a high level of quality for their online market place in India, where they will not be controlling service operations directly, the company wanted a mechanism to evaluate online sellers for their service quality.

Channelplay with its sound capability in Retail Intelligence provided a robust and foolproof process of online mystery shopping to analyze and qualify or disqualify the online sellers.


The program challenges faced to evaluate the online sellers were:

  • Product ordering & tracking: Large volume of online orders via multitude of websites, payment gateways and e-commerce platforms. Also smart product ordering such that the product ordered is both representable and resalable within the agreed upon budget.
  • Procurement checks & balances: To ensure 100% audit compliance, evidence was recorded at every transaction stage in the form of photographs, screenshots, call recordings, etc.
  • Pricing model: The pricing model for this online mystery shopping program was a combination of fixed audit fee per seller evaluated and actual product cost reimbursement.


The online sellers were deemed qualified if delivery of ordered products was done in right quantity, within timelines and in perfect condition. Along with this an exhaustive criteria for disqualification was set which included parameters like:

  • Delay in delivery of the product
  • Not able to provide the product at all locations
  • Erroneous online buying and transaction process

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits