Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping For An Eye-Care Brand


The imperative for our client was to understand the selling process at their retail outlets which would give them insights into how new consumers were being educated about the use of contact lenses. Additionally, they wanted to study the rate of recommendation for their particular brand of contact lenses across all outlets.


Success of any Mystery Shopping project is dependent to a great extent on how closely are the mystery shoppers mapped to the product’s target audience. To simulate real-life situation we deployed Mystery Shoppers, who actually used spectacles or contact lenses, to evaluate our client’s outlets and store staff. This was the biggest challenge of this project among others mentioned below:

  • Mystery Shopper profiling & sourcing as per defined criterion
  • Extensive questionnaire design – consistent and coherent data collection
  • Visit validation with appropriate proofs and maintaining the sanctity of data


We presented following insights to the client as the outcome of this Mystery Shopping exercise:

  • Parameters used by store staff to pitch contact lenses to consumers
  • Information on brands that were promoted by the store staff to Mystery Shoppers
  • Objective assessment of overall customer experience at the outlets

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits