Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping Software for an Australian Client

Apex HR, a training and solution provider for Real Estate Management business in Melbourne, Australia famous in assisting their clients in improving customer experience. They wanted to streamline their mystery shopping operations for which they were looking for a Mystery Shopping Management Software which could help them to automate the processes related to mystery shopping. They were looking for a software which could give their clients complete representation of the audit findings in dashboard format and help them to assess the following key service parameters:

  • Project trends, charts, operations dashboard showing the performance of different projects
  • Real time collection of data from the field to be represented in Dashboard format to give a quick snapshot of the store performance
  • Establishing and maintaining mystery shopper base in Melbourne
  • End to end streamlining of mystery shopping operations from questionnaire creation to client reporting
  • Training and certifying the mystery shoppers on all aspects of the audits
  • Mails to be triggered to the client in case of any escalation in the report
  • Representation of the findings in form of various graphs and reports for value creation of the respective clients


1View, our cloud based Mystery Shopping Management Software, was perfect fit for what the client was looking for. After making necessary modifications, customizations and configurations, we were to go live within 2 working days. Some of the key steps taken meet client’s end objective are as follows:

  • Multiple conference calls were set up for the client to train them on the mystery shopping software
  • Various system tutorials and training decks were shared with the client as reference
  • Various training videos and training content sherd with the client
  • Customizations in the content of the mails sent to the shoppers
  • Customizations in the design of the shopper portal homepage
  • Master Excel sheets related to shopper information was shared with the client to map the details of their existing shoppers into our mystery shopping software
  • Designed an interactive dashboard to give quick snapshot of the store performance. Customizations in the design structure of the dashboard as per the requirement of the client


1View successfully fulfilled the requirements of the restaurant mystery shopping company and helped them to provide their clients with the complete representation of the audit findings in dashboard format. The key highlights are as follows:

  • Interactive dashboards helped the client to give the complete representation of the findings to their clients
  • Operation Management dashboards helped the client to see the progress of different projects. It helped them to view the project health card at one glance.
  • Projects closed on time thanks to proper planning due to better visibility of open and assigned opportunities
  • Call to Action feature of 1View helped the client to trigger escalation mail to different stakeholders
  • Automation of lot of tasks like questionnaire creation, floating opportunities and reporting helped the client to focus on other business aspects

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