Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping Software for Spa Chain Audits

A leading mystery shopping agency in India used 1View to manage mystery shopping operations for a leading spa chain in order to provide great spa experience to its guests every day. The main objective was to identify the gaps with respect to the customer experience and key process adherence at their various outlets.

The mystery shopping activity was designed to assess the following key service parameters:

  • Appointment booking
  • Spa ambience
  • Reception
  • Staff ‘s product knowledge
  • Staff interaction & grooming
  • Spa treatment
  • Spa facilities
  • Billing process


The entire mystery shopping program was managed using 1View to track different operational aspects such as:

  • Questionnaire designing to evaluate all the desired parameters
  • Mystery shopper profiling and sourcing as per defined criteria
  • Integration of 1View with Learning Management System where a detailed training document was created to educate the shoppers on all aspects of the audit
  • Shopper Certification to ensure that every opportunity was assigned to the most suitable applicant
  • Collection of multimedia proofs to highlight deviation from standard processes

1View’s advanced functionality was especially useful for:

  • The major challenge which was faced by the project team was to find the most suitable shopper for the audit. The team used the innovative feature of Auditor Profile matching to overcome this challenge
  • Imparting extensive training to the mystery shoppers. Integration with an LMS to provide the users extensive training material which helped the team to overcome this challenge
  • Providing custom reports and dashboards to the client. Integration with the best-in-class BI tool helped the team to overcome this challenge
  • Providing the client with access to all the proofs captured during the audits done in the campaign. 1View’s Media Explorer helped the team to overcome this challenge


1View successfully fulfilled the requirements of the mystery shopping agency and helped the client gain complete insight on the operational efficiencies and measures to improve the customer experience. The audits were done on a monthly basis and after each round a detailed report with improvement suggestions was shared with the client. The key highlights were as follows:-

  • Actionable reports being shared with the client which helped the client gain complete visibility on what measures to be taken to improve customer experience
  • Outlet wise ratings and rankings were provided to the mystery shopping company to identify the low performing stores and take necessary action on them
  • Resolution of store specific problems in real time leading to improved performance of the store

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