Channelplay Case Study

Online Training For The Field Sales Force


The client had 150+ field sales executives who were primarily trained face to face for any new product launch. This method of communicating new product information to the field team was at times ineffective since it took lot of time for the information to reach the field sales executives. Also, the field sales team needed to be constantly updated on the improvements in the field reporting system for which a suitable mechanism was lacking.

The client wanted to setup an online mechanism so that all the information and updates could reach the field team in real time. They also wanted Channelplay to drive the entire initiative and make sure that it was well received by the field team.


Since this was a new initiative, to get it into the DNA of the field sales team was one of the most difficult task. Add to that, Channelplay was to innovatively drive the adoption of the entire initiative within restricted budgets.

  • The team started by creating a state of the art online training management system which was a one stop solution for field team training.
  • This system gave complete visibility to every individual about his/her performance at any given time.
  • For the management team, it gave a high level summary along with the drill down to the last level in a few clicks.
  • The training content created was a seamless amalgamation of text based content and flash based content with video shoots intelligently inserted in-between for an engaging learning experience.
  • The entire initiative was held together by a comprehensive communication strategy designed in collaboration with the senior management. 


The project was executed successfully and the client rated us high in terms of the quality of project execution. The key highlights were as follows:

  • Overall engagement of the field team was 90%.
  • More than 95% of the field sales people took at least 1 course.
  • Average assessment score of the field team was 85%.
  • Rewards were redeemed by 85% of the field team, which showed high engagement levels.
  • Feedback score from the client for the project efforts was 4.3 on a scale of 5.

Topics: Field Force Training