Channelplay Case Study

Online Training Modules For A Fire Safety Brand


The client used to run a lengthy classroom training program for the induction of new employees which was taxing not only for the participants but also for the trainers. It also involved high costs and due to these factors the client switched to an online training platform. But the challenge with online training was the lack of suitable content. The available content was in the form of plain PowerPoint presentations which was not the right fit for an online training platform.

To address this need, client approached Channelplay and gave us the task of converting its classroom training modules into multimedia modules compatible with their online training platform.


The key activities in project execution were as follows:-

  • Since little documented information was available, our content team sat through the classroom training sessions and recorded all the information shared in the sessions.
  • Content of each session was then analyzed and a detailed content outline was created for every training module. 
  • Post the approval of content outline the story board was created. There were multiple rounds of review so as to ensure that all the required information was included in the story board.
  • Once the storyboard was approved, the final modules were created along with all the animations and voiceover.
  • The entire process involved multiple rounds of quality check so as to ensure high quality and error free output. 


  • Full day classroom training modules were broken up into smaller interactive online modules which the user could complete at his/her own pace.
  • We used process videos, animations, voice overs and other such tools to make every single frame meaningful.
  • Detailed notes were provided with each frame for the user to go through in case he found it difficult to listen and understand.
  • Two level evaluation was carried out for each module – one after every sub-module and the final one after completing all the sub modules.

Topics: Field Force Training