Channelplay Case Study

Online Training Through Facebook


Our client relied on its partner’s sales force for selling its software along with partner’s equipment. The challenge was that this indirect sales force was not effectively communicating the software benefits to the end consumers.

To overcome this, the client partnered with Channelplay. The objective was to engage the indirect sales force in an online training program which not only trained them on communicating the product benefits but also generated voluntary participation from them.


Entire sales force of all partners of the client was the target audience for the online training program. Key activities included:

  • Training Platform Setup: The program was setup on Facebook with the intent of making the training available at a virtual place frequently visited by the target audience
  • Content Design: Short 5 to 10 minute modules were developed highlighting the key benefits of the product
  • System Design: The online training system was designed to overcome the low broadband penetration and slow internet in India
  • Driving Participation: Gamification elements and reward mechanisms were included to drive voluntary participation from sales force


We completed the online training process using Facebook as the platform with below highlights:

  • Even though the training program was optional for the partner’s sales force we were able to achieve over 60% voluntary participation
  • The feedback mechanism ensured that the learning content was as per the requirement of the sales force and met their expectations
  • Over 88% participants agreed that the training initiative had increased their knowledge of client’s product and helped them sell better

Topics: Field Force Training