Channelplay Case Study

Partner Loyalty Program For A Consumer Electronics Brand


The client wanted to strengthen the relationship with its channel partners, in the mobile phone distribution network, by creating an emotional connect with them. At the same time there was the need to reward and recognize consistent top performers. To achieve these objectives, client approached Channelplay and tasked us with running a soft engagement loyalty program for 250+ multi-brand mobile phone outlets across various cities in India.


The key highlights of project execution were:

  • Collecting detailed information of all the partners enrolled in the program
  • Coordinating between the partner and the partner’s preferred venue to organize dinner on their birthday and anniversary
  • Designing customized gifts to be sent to the partners on their observed festivals like Pongal, Lohri, Diwali, Eid etc.
  • Gift management which included sourcing, warehousing, packaging and dispatch of gifts within the stipulated timelines


The soft engagement loyalty program was a success and the key outcomes were as follows:

  • The program enriched the client’s relationship with its channel partners.
  • It enhanced and strengthened the partners’ emotional connect with the client.
  • It reinforced brand value and increased "Top-of-Mind" recall value of client’s brand.
  • Fringe benefits were derived from aspirational value of exclusive loyalty program for premium partners.

Topics: Loyalty Programs