Channelplay Case Study

Partner Profiling For An IT Brand


Being a market leader in one of the fastest growing categories, our client was continuously extending its retail footprint and wanted to ensure that their distribution network supported the growing business volume. They wanted meticulous selection of channel partners who were capable enough to support the desired brand experience for their customers.

They partnered with Channelplay, relying on our network of experienced auditors, which provided them the required flexibility of need based evaluation of potential channel partners.


While evaluating potential partners for the brand various aspects like nature of existing business, store location, financial capability of retailer and store features were taken under consideration.

Some of the key challenges faced in the project were:

  • Balancing rigorous partner evaluation and quick market expansion
  • Development of a detailed partner profiling questionnaire covering range of parameters from store layout to financial aspects
  • Sourcing of auditors who were well versed with retail operations
  • Coherent and error-free data collection


We presented following reports to the client on prospective retail partners:

  • Execution Summary: Completion status and list of outlets covered during the activity
  • Detailed Outlet Analysis Report: Outlet wise score card with partner profiling data
  • Proof of audit: Geo-tagged outlet image as proof of visits

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits